Innovation Theology: A Biblical Inquiry and Exploration

Innovation Theology: A Biblical Inquiry and Exploration invites leaders to explore an uncharted territory–theology for innovating.

This unexplored terrain of practical and applied theology holds gems of substantive and practical wisdom for innovating in the marketplace, society and church. Innovation Theology brings theological perspectives to the challenges of innovating and promises to transform how we make sense of change and where (and why) choose to innovate.

Innovation Theology makes the case that God continues to create and continues to invite us, through change, to co-create new value for others (i.e., innovate). Innovation Theology explores where discovery, invention, and value creation intersect (or not) with the intentions of God.

Not to be confused with workplace spirituality, business ethics, or critiques of technology, theology for innovating can encourage scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs to aim their innovating toward the common good, not just in response to the invisible hand of the market.  Innovation Theology invites us to make meaning before money, aim for plumb lines before bottom lines, and reattach extrinsic to intrinsic value.

The One for whom all things are possible is interested, invested, and engaged in innovating.  Are we innovating with Him, or not?


For over thirty-five years Lanny Vincent has been facilitating invention and foresight with Fortune 500 companies seeking to innovate. Formerly a Presbyterian Pastor in the South and Midwest, Lanny continues to believe it is easier to make sense of change and innovate with the inspired content of the biblical canon, even from his garage in the San Francisco Bay Area.