Inventing is more than generating creative ideas

Over the past two decades, a growing number of STEM-intensive client companies have used our Invention Workshops to generate strategic inventions. Resulting patents enable client companies (the patent holders) and their licensees to preempt competitors by anticipating emerging markets and creating strategic “options” for the future.

Many clients view these patents as strategic business assets more than merely legal protections. These strategic patents create new corporate capital that can be converted into new revenue streams, strategic advantage and negotiating positions.

We design and facilitate two- and three-day Invention Workshops to enable clients to systematically create intellectual property in order influence the trajectory of emerging markets.


Strategic Invention Sequence




“Vincent & Associates has imparted an incredible level of knowledge and insight to me regarding innovation, use of metaphorical methods, and the role of the maverick in an organization. ”

—Innovation Practitioner, Hewlett-Packard Company